Application details page

Description of the application page

When the app created successfully, it has its own details page. The details page contains four tabs; overview, docs, nodes, and executions.


The overview page contains the following sections:

  • Short description of the application written by the owner user.

  • Related tags.

  • Run Example of the app form.

  • How to integrate the application as an API. offers the ability to run any application from the app page details without open the app editor via Run an Example form in the overview section as follows:

Using an interactive form, the app developer determines the required input variables to run the app with the ability to provide default values.

After determining the required input values, click on Run Example. After the app runs successfully, the output section will be shown as follows:

The output of each output node will be shown, click on any image in the output to enlarge it.

In this way, anyone with no data science background can use and run the app; by referring to the app documentation to understand each input/output💡

Another great feature offer is using the app via API. As a sample of how to use it, an integration section is available for each app after running the app successfully from the app form in the details page.

The integrate section offer three languages (Python, NodeJS, and PHP). For example, if we want to run an app from Baseet in Google Colab notebook, then click on the copy sign and paste the code in your notebook as follows:

Change the input to your values as follows:

Then run the cell. After the execution finished, the response is ready to be printed as follows:

The output is a formatted JSON data, where each node output is shown as follows:

To explore the outputs, click on the image URL of the required output node. If the output is a number or a text then the value of it will be shown beside the variable name. For example, the variable "msg" in node (Top NegativeTweets, id:6), is: 'Top negative tweets are listed in the image'.


Full description of the application written by the owner user.


List of nodes used in the application with their versions.

When click on > beside each node, a summary of the node will be shown as follows:

You can click on the small orange icon beside each node to inspect its code it its public. While the small blue icon beside each node shows the number of occurrences of the node in the app.


List of the application executions with information of each execution:

Click on the image URL in each output node.

In the same app details page, there is Open the App button in the top-right side to open the application work-space.