Create new application

How to create a new application from scratch

From the main page of, click on Create a New App, there are different options for creating apps, click on Launch Visual App Builder, a pop-up window will be shown.

You can change the privacy of the app to be public by choose Community option. You must write a description of the app to be created successfully.

You can create a new application in two additional methods:

  • Method #1:

    • From the management dashboard, click on Applications, Applications page will be shown:

    • Click on Create New App button in the top right of the page. In this way, you can create a private app quickly by determining the app name only:

  • Method #2:

    • From the management dashboard, under Applications menu, click on Create.

After creating a new app successfully, regardless of the method you followed in creating a new app, the app details page will be opened, from there click on open the app button to open the app editor. Let's build together a simple app, assume we want to build an application to detect objects in the image, then we need the following nodes:

  • Image input node

  • Image to array node

  • Import file node

  • Object detector node

  • Image preview node

Search for those nodes from the right-side nodes search panel:

Drag and drop those nodes and connect as follows:

Drag and drop the image you want to detect objects inside it, upload or select the model used in object detection, and change any parameters values as you want, then run the app by clicking on Execute App button; the default value here for object to detect is elephant.

After the app executed successfully as the log tab will show, click on the last node to see the output image in the output tab, click on it to enlarge which will be as follows:

For more details about object detection app go to Object Recognition and Segmentation section. You can click on any node and inspect it's node (if public), more details about nodes are in Nodes section. And for more details about applications continue to the next section.