Create new node

Create your node from scratch/Upload from notebook

Create a new node from scratch

From the management dashboard, click on Nodes, nodes page will be shown:

  • You can create a new node from the Create option in the right management dashboard under Node, you must write a description to create the node successfully.

  • Or click on Create New Node button in the top right of the page. In this way, you can create a private node quickly by determining the node name only.

Create new node from a notebook

You can create a node from a notebook file and edit in Google Colab, by two methods: When create a new node choose Add files to upload your notebook, then click on create node after giving the node a name and description:

Or when creating a node in the default way (Basic project), then open the node editor, you can upload filed to the node from the editor left-side menu as following:

Regardless of the method you follow, when clicking on the notebook file in the left-side menu, it will show you a message to redirect you to Colab to edit it.

Sharing options

Regardless of the method you followed in creating a new node, there is two options for sharing nodes which are:

  • private: only the owner user can open it, edit it, and use it in applications.

  • community: other users can open the node and fork it to use it in their apps.

The default option is creating a private node. More details about the features of the two options are in node code editor section.