Handwriting detection Service

Google handwriting recognition

Baseet.ai provides pre-built nodes that help users to connect with Google Handwriting service that detects the handwriting text in images based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Many applications for handwriting detection such as automation of reading postal addresses, bank check automation, and digitize textual information in images.

Setup API

  • To get access to handwriting detection service on Google, you need to follow the steps mentioned in this link and download the credential JSON file on your computer.

Detect Hand Writing Google Node

This node helps users to connect directly with handwriting detection service from Google.


  • Google credentials JSON file Path: credential JSON file you got from Google for this service, where you should upload this file on Baseet files dashboard.

  • Url_path: the URL of the image contains the handwriting text.


  • recognized Text: the detect text by Google service.

Sample App

Baseet.ai provides sample apps for beginners to show how to use specific nodes. For Google handwriting text detection service, follow Google - Image Handwriting Recognition APP to show the usage for each node.

The output is: