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Baseet hide replies application is an artificial intelligence app to detect toxic replies. This app does not classify the reply if toxic or not toxic only, it gives users more flexibility by allowing users to select which types of toxicity they want to hide, that some users are fine with some types of toxicity; this returns to cultures differences.


  • It offers to the user a list of toxicity types to choose from [severe toxic, obscene, threat, insult, identity hate, all toxic types] where the user can determine his preferences to hide replies under multiple categories or all categories, save his choices and can edit it at any time.

  • It also offers an option for the users to hide replies contains any word defined by him by giving the ability to add specific words, save his choices and can edit it at any time.

  • The app detects the user tweets incoming replies and automatically hides any reply based on the chosen toxicity preferences and based on the list of words defined by him.

  • Another advance feature of this app is saving hidden replies and show it as a list with its information (reply text, link, and owner account).

  • Offer the option to block the owner of the hidden toxic reply directly from the app.

  • Additionally, to enhance toxicity detection, misspelling auto-correction is applied to each reply text in this app.

  • The exciting thing about Baseet Hide reply app is, it works in real-time, the user authorizes the app once, no need to log in each time except for change settings.

  • Also, the user can stop the service by click the stop service option in the app.

How to use the app?

  • Visit app page, click on Login with Twitter button.

  • Authorize the app.

  • Authorization will redirect you to Hide reply main page where you can configure your preferences and monitor your hidden replies.

  • From the settings menu, you can choose your preferences for what toxic categories to hide; for example here we chose to hide obscene and threat replies.

  • Write the words you want to hide replies contain any of it; for example here we wrote "corona" word.

  • Save your settings.

  • From the replies menu, you can explore the hidden replies, and block the reply owner user as follows:

  • You can stop the service anytime by click on the Service on/off slider button.

Enjoy healthy life conversations 😎