Build Prediction App

To build a sample prediction application, the same scenario in building training app will be used which is:

To build a SA prediction application, where the user writes the review/sentence he needs the sentiment of it. We need the following tasks to be implemented into nodes:

  • Preprocess Review node: a node to receive the review text and apply the same processing steps applied to the original data in the training app to that review.

  • Import Model node: import the model produced from the training app.

  • Import File node: import the tokenizer file produced from encoding the original data texts in the training app.

  • Encode Text node: encode the entered review text using the tokenizer file.

  • Predict Sentiment node: predict the sentiment of the review using the trained model.

We built this app on Baseet Sentiment analysis TEST DL:

You must select the model file, and the tokenizer file resulted from the training app (by default the required files are selected by us in the first execution), and enter the review you want to the revirew_text, then execute the app. After the app finished execution, select the predict sentiment node to see the output.

The following table shows samples of simple sentences and actual reviews associated with the sentiment prediction of them using our prediction app.


Predicted Sentiment

A great product


The product is awful


the product is perfect and neat but the service is bad positive although the service is messy, the product is great and the price is affordable


the service is suck and useless, the product is great negative Loved playing Dirt 2 and I thought the graphics were good. Purchased Dirt 3 as an addition to the other...and the graphics are absolutely "Gorgeous" If you liked Dirt or Dirt are going to love Dirt 3. The game was easier to configure with my Logitech wireless rumblepad...and with my EVGA GTX 580, and all detail set to full on graphics at 1920 x 1080 I get over 100 fps.

The game looks good, plays well and is a blast!


Installing the game was a struggle (because of games for windows live bugs).Some championship races and cars can only be "unlocked" by buying them as an addon to the game. I paid nearly 30 dollars when the game was new. I don\'t like the idea that I have

to keep paying to keep playing.I noticed no improvement in the physics or graphics compared to Dirt 2.I tossed it in the garbage and vowed never to buy another

codemasters game. I\'m really tired of arcade style rally/racing games anyway.

I\'ll continue to get my fix from Richard Burns Rally, and you should to.:);=1341886844&sr;=8-1&keywords;=richard+burns+rally Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed it, be sure to rate it as helpful.


Note that some sentences have a positive and negative at the same time, in such cases the model judge based on the number of positive and negative words.